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Dr Sunila Sharma (Dentist)

Dentist Woodville Dr Sunilla Sharma“In 2003, when I stumbled into this unique world of dentistry, I had no idea what an incredibly intimate profession I have stepped into. It’s so amazing to focus on the part of the body that influences one’s confidence, general health, how you talk, eat, drink and how others perceive you.” For Dr Sunila Sharma, words fail to describe how satisfying and rewarding it is to see the positive change in smiles and eventually lives, once the treatment is completed.

Education and Experience

Dr Sunila Sharma graduated in 2008 from BFUHS in India. She then achieved post-graduate qualifications in 2012 and worked as a private practitioner. For more than eight years, she also served as an academician in India. Dr Sunila Sharma then decided to move to the beautiful land of Australia.

She completed Australian Dental Council licensing examinations and started practicing. Dr Sunila Sharma has spent countless hours invested in learning the latest techniques and procedures through professional development courses.

Dr Sunila Sharma also keeps up to date with recent advances in dentistry. The latest course she attended was on aesthetic fillings. “That skyrocketed my confidence in providing smile makeovers with simple composite restorations.”

Creating Masterpieces

For Dr Sunila Sharma, dentistry is an art governed by science. She sees every patient as a new opportunity to create a masterpiece of her art. She has considerable exposure and experience in treating a massive number of patients with varying dental needs. “I take pride in serving every patient I see.” She provides care ranging from routine family checkups to more advanced procedures like crowns, root canal treatments, dentures and minor oral surgeries.

Helping Patients Feel at Home

“From the moment you walk in, you are considered family. I make sure your visit to me is a highlight of your day, not just any other appointment on your to-do list.” Dr Sunila Sharma believes in a quality-driven approach that results in long-lasting relationships.

After delivering excellent care to her patients, she provides them education and guidance to reach their oral health goals. Dr Sunila Sharma sees their role as equal to hers in maintaining optimum oral health and preventing any further problems.

Outside the Practice

When she’s not caring for patients’ smiles, Dr Sunila Sharma is an amateur writer and dancer. She loves long drives with her husband to explore new places and go on food adventures.

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